Office partitions: how to choose

The day to day office sometimes requires changes in the workspace layout – new departments, new employees or new meeting rooms often make it necessary to modify the floorplan of corporate locations.

For this reason, most companies prefer to opt partitions instead of walls, in order to facilitate such changes in the office. The partitions are more account and allow modification of the space with ease.

Of the options available, the most common partitions materials are Formica, Eucatex or glass. There are more popular and economical because are prefabricated, made in industrial process, which have standard size plates and aluminum profiles.

For offices that want a differentiated product, however, the glass partitions or even tailor made panels in MDF or wood are the best options. These options, while having more beautiful decorative effect usually has significantly more expensive than prefabricated options.

Another disadvantage of glass office partitions is that they require more careful cleaning, as the glass shows dirt more easily and is somewhat more cumbersome to clean than the solids panels.

The decision by the type of partition to be used in the office, therefore, depend on a few key factors: the decoration of the office is critical in choosing the partitions or the goal is to have just a functional place? There cleaning staff always available to keep clean glasses or is it better to opt for something more practical? With these questions in mind you are able to choose the better option.

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