Simple decor for offices

Imagine this place without wall arts, flowers and lightning: unsightly

Imagine this place without wall arts, flowers and lightning: unsightly

A well decorated office can make the difference in time to impress your clients or increase employee productivity. Few people know, but beyond enlightenment and comfort, an office needs to stimulate the mind.

Usually offices are connected to the third sector, and mean that most of the agreements signed there are projects that are yet to be realized – unlike a traditional retail, where people immediately know what they are buying.

This means that part of what customers buy when they hire or close a deal in an office has a lot to do with the perception of the ability of that company to perform this service – to be something intangible – the decor and space are key to this company decision making.

Therefore, even though simple, the decoration of the office should be well thought out. A simple decoration for the office can be done with ease. The first step is lighting, make sure that no corner of the office is dimly lit – if so, invest in light fixtures and lamps to turn the ambient light.

Decorate the spaces with flowers (natural whenever possible, or artificial) leaves more welcoming environment for customers and employees. The walls should also make paintings in styles that make sense with the proposed office. Besides the paintings, murals errands or spaces where people can share information and transform the office more dynamism.

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