Meeting room chairs

Meeting room chair for offices

Meeting room chair for offices

There is no office without at least one meeting room – so is a fundamental choice when deciding the furniture to the office choose the ideal kind of chair for the meeting room. They can be movable (with wheel) or fixed, in leather or fabric, steel or wood.

The meeting room chairs tend to differentiate from work chairs: generally has lower backrest to facilitate the vision of the participants. Are ergonomic, but emphasize less comfort than executive chairs.

That’s because in meetings are expected that people be more upright and in less relaxed positions. It is good that the chairs are not as comfortable – so people unconsciously seek to be the fastest time of the meeting, make them more productive.

Another special meeting of office chairs is the choice of materials. Are usually made with leather or naugahyde because these materials are more resistant to stains, although waterproofed fabrics are also used.